Festival Festival


1967 – 1977

The festival took place in Iran between 1967 and 1977 and became a progressive nexus of artistic exchange that introduced distant voices from Asia and Africa into the international cultural discourse and juxtaposed them alongside experimental and neo-avant-garde expressions in the immediate aftermath of decolonisation.


Contemporary Audiences

AOTFD takes the Festival of Arts as its point of departure to explore the implications of modernist ambitions. It uses the festival as a lens through which to reconsider the legacies of modernisms’ radical, progressive arc.


Digitisation of Festival Archives

AOTFD unearths and digitises the banned archive of materials, audio recordings and film footage on Shiraz-Persepolis. It pieces together the landscape of this radical, virtually forgotten decade-long festival.


AOTFD Online Publishing

AOTFD critically evaluates the artistic landscape of the festival in a series of published essays. It considers it to be one of the most uniquely transformative inter-cultural experiences, perhaps the most radical multi-disciplinary crucible of any commissioning performance festival in modern history.  It conceptualised its aesthetic and political genealogies across various themes.